Making the first pull of a crock lid. 

My ceramic pieces are expressions of my twin loves: beautiful, functional objects + good food. My enthusiasm for fermentation sprung from my passion for sustainable agriculture and food systems, and preserving the harvest. Before becoming a potter, I worked on wineries, dairies and creameries in Western Colorado and France, gaining an appreciation for small-scale food production, and the art and science of fermented foods. 

My search for a perfect fermentation vessel came up short, so I decided to make my own, returning in my own way to the traditions of my Mennonite ancestors, who were farmers, craftsmen and prolific food preservers.

I hand throw all of my pieces on the potter's wheel and glaze using my own recipes. I love chatting about fermentation and ceramics and explaining how all of it works (to the best of my knowledge, anyways). Please give me a call if you have any questions and I will try my best to help!

- Colin Dyck